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Fat And Sick On The American Standard Diet?

Ever wonder why the obese and poor are so many people? Our diet must be one factor. If filled with foods that are incredibly harmful to your health, the Standard American Diet. And this is something that should be clear! Obesity rates have risen in recent decades. Today, obesity is associated with one in five American deaths. Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, liver disease, cancer, heart disease, etc., are associated with obesity.

All these diseases can be traced to a dysfunction of the metabolism. What does it mean? This means that people eat the wrong things. Just a couple of generations ago, most of the food available was new and grown locally. Today, most foods are highly processed and packed with harmful chemicals. Only look at the typical home, class, and restaurant food served. Let's face that. It's not healthy most of the food we eat.

So why do you blame the American Standard Diet? To put it simply, all the latest obesity research shows that diet is a very important comp…

Simple lifestyle changes that might make you fat

Most people in our society are overweight for a number of reasons. Much of this is linked to lifestyle. Your lifestyle will often have an impact on your health and weight. So if your lifestyle has a negative impact on your health and weight, you probably want to make some changes.

In fact, some of the changes you could make are very simple, but some will take power. These changes include exercise properly and a balanced diet. Exercise is very important, and it could mean only going out side by side and taking your dog for a walk. Including more vegetables and fruits in your diet and increasing your intake of sugar could mean a balanced diet.

Exercise means your daily routine requires more physical activities. While trying to lose weight, most people think about their diet. This is true, but physical activity is an essential component of weight loss and health enhancement, exercise will help you burn calories, calories that you consume from the food you eat. Until school, take a walk …