5 Methods For Home Use Of Lavender Oil

Lavender is an extremely powerful, physically and mentally calming product.

Lavender is the world's most commonly used essential oil. It is easily recognizable for its soothing fragrance and is used in many cultures to enhance personal health and promote a relaxed state of mind. Lavender is made of the lavender plant's purple flowers, cultivated in Mediterranean climates. To produce just 16 ounces of therapeutic grade lavender oil, it requires over 60 pounds of flowers.

Here are some ways this incredibly versatile oil can be used. You can do this aromatically (using an essential oil diffuser, available in health food stores or herbal medicine providers) or topically (using a carrier oil to add the essential to your body).

Encourage better sleep:

Lavender's effect is profoundly calming and will ease insomnia. Apply it to your feet's bottom (which has the biggest pores on your body) or spread it in the house. Do this for both children and adults before naps and bedtime.

Allow you to relax:

Lavender can soothe intense emotions and reduce stress and anxiety. Apply a drop of pure oil, instead of fragrance or cologne, to your arms, wrists and chest. Diffuse a space or put a drop on a clay pendant hanging around your chest.

Soothe the body with irritation:

It can also soothe physical irritations, swelling, and redness in the same way as lavender calms emotions. Apply rash, chapped lips, itchy rashes, dandruff, and child cradle cap using carrier oil. When preparing a solution for home-made baby wipes, you can use a few drops.

Use it for healing:

For burns, scratches, bites of bugs, bruises, sunburns, and wounds, lavender oil can be used. Use it to alleviate muscle soreness after a workout. It is also effective when rubbed into the bottom of the feet to reduce motion sickness. Use it to cure the umbilical cord stump (always using a carrier oil) if you have a newborn.

Reduce responses to allergies:

In particular when used together with lemon and peppermint, lavender has a strong antihistaminic effect. Lavender oil inhalation may alleviate symptoms of hay fever and allergies to cats, dogs, dirt, etc.
Such guidelines are not a replacement for the care of a doctor. If you have any health concerns, please consult your doctor.


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