Beat the Bumps with Simple Home Remedy for Razor Burn

A good home remedy for razor burn is not only helpful among men, but also among women.

Anyone why shaves body hair on a regular basis is prone to developing razor burns.

Common occurrences include face, underarms as well as sensitive areas.

Although there are many available creams and gels offering relief for razor burn, nothing beats the fast-acting, natural and practically cost-free solutions offered by simple at-home remedies.

What is razor burn?

Shaving may be part of your daily routine but incorrect shaving can lead you to the discomforts and pains of razor burn.

Shaving too closely, particularly over the sensitive areas of the body, incorrect shaving techniques and using not so sharp razor or shaving blade can leave small red rash, bumps and mild to severe skin irritation on the skin.

In this light, razor burn is basically a skin irritation that appears after shaving.

Razor Burn

At-Home Razor Burn Care

Razor burn is definitely uncomfortable, but that could be an understatement.

Thankfully, there are simple ingredients and kitchen items that you can use to tend to this skin irritation.

Aside from making refreshing smoothies, strawberry's natural antiseptic properties may be used in soothing and clearing out razor burns.

Use its juice or pulp as a healing facial mask.

Not only does it heal this skin irritation, it also helps the skin close off its pores and prevent impurities from coming in and causing infection.


Potato may be a dinner staple but it is also make a good home remedy for razor burn.

Thinly sliced potatoes can deliver the same benefits as commercial antibacterial facial preparations.

A classic home remedy for razor burn is aloe vera.

Use its juice or leaf gel to apply over the irritated region of the skin.

You can use it to reduce redness as well as risks for further irritation and infection.

Potato slice

The gentle yet powerful antiseptic properties of vinegar, especially apple cider vinegar, is useful in eliminating the bacteria as well as other impurities that contribute to razor burn.

Aside from refreshing the affected skin area, it also creates a protective coat for the skin, leaving out elements that may cause other common skin complaints.

aloe vera gel

Home-Made Substitutes

Learning home remedy for razor burn allows you to make homemade yet equally effective substitutes to commercially produced razor burn remedies.

For instance, you can create a gentle yet powerful moisturizer by mixing fresh strawberries with sour cream or by using aloe vera gel, cocoa butter or almond oil.

Instead of expensive antibacterial or anti-fungal creams, you can make do with diluted apple cider vinegar solutions and aspirin tablet paste.

These suggestions for home remedy for razor burn should save you from the cost as well as potential side effects of over-the-counter razor burn treatments.

cocoa butter


Although razor burn is a common complaint, it can still be prevented.

Next time you shave; make sure that you use a sharp razor.

Dull blades only create a lot of drag and tears on your body hairs.

Also, make sure that the blades are clean before you use them.

Also, never shave in the opposite direction of the growth of the hair to avoid causing eventual ingrown hairs especially over the more sensitive areas of the body.

Shave gently, refrain from applying too much pressure on the razor as you shave.

In the event of razor burn, refrain from using perfumed aftershave to avoid further irritation.

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