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postheadericon What is apixaban: mechanism of action

Apixaban generic is an anticoagulant that is used to treat blood clots, it prevents them from forming in the bloodstream which basically makes your blood thin and as a result, increases the risk of bleeding more. It’s highly recommended to avoid contact sports (like football or wrestling) where you have the chance of getting yourself injured and bleeding more. Everything you need to know about Apixaban anticoagulant is covered here from its usage to its side effects and the common brand which brings this medication to the market.

Purpose of Anticoagulant

In order to reduce the viscosity of the blood in this case, Eliquis anticoagulants are used. Due to a specific irregular heartbeat, part of the heart doesn’t beat properly and the cause of this is blood clots. Apixaban anticoagulant is used to thin the blood and prevent the blood clots from forming. It’s used for the treatment of Deep Vein Thrombosis. There are arteries which have red oxygenated blood which basically takes the blood from the heart and pumps in the whole body. As far as veins go, there is blue oxygenated blood which is technically a reverse process – it takes the blood from the body and pumps to the heart.

Deep Vein Thrombosis is a condition which causes blood thickness and is due to blood clotting. For the treatment of this condition, anticoagulant is normally used. When clots are formed, it prevents the blood from flowing through the veins which can cause a stroke (blood supply to the brain is disturbed).

This condition can also cause Atrial FIBRILLATION which is basically an abnormal heartbeat as discussed above. There are many factors of Coagulation and one of the factors is X on which Apixaban anticoagulant acts and prevents coagulation which makes it direct acting and has fewer side effects because of the nature of this medication.

The clot which is formed due to the high concentration of collagen, fibrinogen or platelets is known as Thrombus but as soon as it starts traveling in the veins, it is then called as Thromboembolic plaque which is quite dangerous.

Coagulation can be easily eliminated through the body with the help of Apixaban anticoagulant (or Eliquis generic) because it’s a direct acting anticoagulant which basically means the toxicity rate is low because it will affect a certain part of the body.

Mechanism of Action Apixaban

So, the changes which occur after taking Apixaban anticoagulant  is known as its mechanism of action which will be discussed briefly. Before diving into its mechanism, one must understand that Apixaban anticoagulant is:

1. Orally Active Apixaban

2. Highly Selective Apixaban

Orally Active Apixaban

There are different types of methods for drug intake such as orally, parenteral, sublingual, rectal etc but the appropriate route of administration for this drug is ORAL because it has maximum bioavailability for this drug

Highly Selective Apixaban

When a drug is taken, it basically goes into the blood but Apixaban anticoagulant will only affect the part where it’s required, reducing the chance of side effects and toxicity.

Apixaban anticoagulant is a highly selective anticoagulant that acts on Factor Xa and inhibits it. The function of Factor Xa is to convert prothrombin (inactive form) into Thrombin (active form) which causes clot formation. So, Apixaban anticoagulant inactivates Factor Xa which doesn’t allow prothrombin to convert into Thrombin.

Eliquis Apixaban

Apixaban anticoagulant is normally sold under the trade name of Eliquis, which you can also find at FairPriceRx. So, if you’re searching for generic apixaban, you just have to search at the website, and you’ll be presented with options to choose from.